Work Hard Play Hard

Give your employees the fun they deserve, all while strengthening collaboration
and team-working skills.
​We provide the ultimate team-building opportunities with our exhilarating,
hilarious event experiences. Whether you’re entertaining clients or colleagues,
our Bubble Ball Battles are the perfect chance to practice and enhance team
cooperation, communication, and engagement.
Our services are perfect for large and small groups, and are safe for all ages and
athletic abilities. We bring the fun straight to you, and coordinate everything
from delivery of equipment to set-up and game-play facilitation. Contact us to
create your next team-building experience, and make the most of your team’s


Bring your team together in a context that inspires them to work together in new
ways. Pushing your employees to collaborate physically to achieve a goal creates a
dynamic approach to issues of communication and interaction. Not only do our
games provide a way for colleagues to connect in an energizing and fun way, but they also serve as a valuable opportunity for growth. These challenges, although
seemingly unrelated to typical workday engagement, are in fact designed to unlock
fundamental collaboration strategies that apply to the playing field, as well as the

We are seriously fun.

Our games are more than about having a good time. Our strategic game structures
and play techniques are designed to activate strengths and challenge the limits of
our players.
These goal-based team experiences serve as excellent opportunities for groups of all
kinds to build trust, confidence, and cooperation amongst each other.
Explore our game experiences below to see how we help organizations and
employers develop and enrich the productivity potential and compatibility of their


​All of our games require strategic levels of communication amongst teammates. Our
time-limit challenges and other group competitions will compel your employees to
coordinate and communicate tactics and play strategies to achieve a common goal.
These challenges inspire your staff to communicate verbally and physically, and

enhance their ability to synchronize their communication styles with each other to
succeed in any environment.


​Decisiveness is essential for any business. Our games activate and develop your
team’s ability to make quick, calculated judgments that result in successful
outcomes. Each activity will challenge your employees to access and sharpen their
decision-making and follow-through strategies to get themselves, and their
teammates, to the end of the game.


Our games serve as the perfect opportunity to develop and identify leadership roles
within your company. Each competition cultivates innate leadership abilities such as
setting priorities, delegating responsibility, and actionable decision-making. These
qualities will be brought to the forefront during our activities, and will provide
employees the opportunity to showcase, improve, and even discover their own
leadership abilities in ways they can apply to the workplace.


​Respect, trust, and cooperation are the basic ingredients of any successful corporate
team. Each of our activities are designed to challenge your teammates to not simply
work together, but to establish functional roles, strategies, and responsibility-
sharing tactics to win the game. Our games will encourage your employees to build
confidence and trust amongst each other, and will teach them to better respect
each of their teammates’ roles and needs in their attempt to achieve success.

Company Culture

Our games are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate and enhance your corporate
culture amongst your employees. These activities provide your staff some much
deserved fun, in addition to serving as an opportunity to create valuable bonds
amongst your team. If you have a new or evolving team environment in your
company, or if you’re simply looking to improve your existing corporate culture and
staff compatibility, look no further than our exhilarating Bubble Ball battles and


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